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Why is Blogging Important for Fashion Brands?
The Evolved Accessibility of Fashion Brands and Popularity of Fashion Blogs
15 th Feb 2014

The Fashion Industry has seen exponential change throughout the last few decades, which is predominantly down to the rapid improvements in Information technology. Audiences now have access to substantially more information about fashion then ever before. Obtaining information about the latest fashion trends as well as searching for that perfect fashionable item could not be easier.

The possibility of accessing information from any location means that an Indian fashion consumer living in the UK can access the latest trends from India as soon as they come out. Before the wide spread use of information technology, what was hot and what was not was considered the privilege of the widely travelled consumer and the urban class.

In the 20th century, fashion had a life cycle of five to ten years as it took time to move from the fashion hot spots, New York, Milan, Paris to state capitals and then to smaller cities around the world and finally to the rural markets. With the advent of present gadgets, smart phones, laptops and tablets, there has been a rapid growth in fashion awareness compared to the century before. Today Indian fashion trends are transported directly to the customers wherever they are across the globe within minutes. This is essential for Indian fashion because not only is it easily available to everyone but also there is information available about the quality, reliability and craftsmanship of the clothing.

This new accessiblity as well as the overload of information means that consumers want to be given information from reputable sources about which items of clothing are in fashion as well as what are the trustworthy fashion brands selling high quality clothing. Today the popular advisers that customers want to listen to are the private bloggers. The popularity and success of the personal fashion blogger has been down to the passion, conviction and creativity imbuing the blogs.

As well as the fact that the information they dispense has informality that gives it the sense of being ‘word of mouth’. This creates a confidence and dedication in the consumer resulting in the creation of trust, interest and customer loyalty. This type of personal connection was previously unavailable because the only source of information about fashion was from fashion magazines. Blogging has become one of the most important parts of the marketing activity for Indian fashion brands as well as Fashion in general. Blogging is also essential for the consumers because it helps to develop a personal engagement between the retailer and the customer.

What do you think, is blogging one of the key ways you consume fashion related information?

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