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Indian Fashion Blog / Banking Fashion / Establishing Fashion Business Mumbai Or London Part Iii

31 st Jul 2012

In continuation of our previous article that spoke about the INFRASTRUCTURE in both London and Mumbai, this part talks about related services for an apparel e-commerce business, as they exist in the two cities.


Our requirement of related services is around the fashion and the e-commerce industry. The availability of a bouquet of services that make operating a business seamless and easy, were high on the priority list whilst we decided on a location.

Some of the key services include Technical Development and Design of a Website, Photographers, Stylists, Copywriters, Online Marketing Executives, Search Engine Optimisation Services, Warehouse Integrators and Graphic Artists.

Obviously while this is broadly related to the talent available, related services are more about agency services being available to businesses rather than just qualified and talented staff. Both London and Mumbai had most of these services available, but the extent and the quality differs a lot.

Our experience suggested that some types of services, mainly creative ones were much more widely available in London. The quality of professionals available, especially for an e-commerce business, was far superior, in terms of their experience and ability to delivery. Technical abilities were substantially superior in India. So, we combined the best of both worlds!

The ability of service providers to understand requirements that are unique to a fashion business have proved invaluable in London. Our specific focus on Indian Designer clothing was novel, so we used local London talent and combined that with the nuances of the Indian Designers operating processes to make a system that works in an international environment. Experienced professionals like Photographers, Stylists and Copywriters were able to pull their skills together to create such an offering.

The perspective from professionals that have worked in this sector proved invaluable in creating a service that is truly International. The experience proved invaluable more than the actual skills involved. Additionally, the fact that the service providers were organised as professionals and as an industry in London, made it easy to work using common standards and approaches. This has been sadly lacking in Mumbai, especially on an organised scale.

In terms of the related services, London had more easily available and widespread availability of professional services as compared to Mumbai, even for Indian Designer Clothing.

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