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FROM BLOG TO RICHES - Banking On Fashion
07 th Jun 2012

The phenomenon of Fashion bloggers has been covered incredibly well in traditional press as well blogs. Various articles have been written by and for aspiring bloggers about content, back-end systems and the best way to monetise their blogs.

Our experience with bloggers has been limited a lot of this has been by choice. The experience has brought us in touch with two kinds of bloggers,

Opinionated and Individual

They refused to be influenced by the amount of ads and money that was being paid and stuck to their guns that they are going to write about things that really interest them and catch their attention.


They simply asked the amount that we are looking to spend and in return we'd get Blog posts, mentions and other benefits on their blogs and offline.

Needless to say, for us it is clear that we'd rather work with people that have an opinion of their own and do not write things just because the brand has paid for it. Our belief is that ads can be paid for, but editorial content and opinions should not be influenced blatantly by sponsorships.

The business of blogging (to used a much abused term) is rather young and there is no clarity about the direction that this is taking at present. For the multitude of bloggers out there, one thing is clear, they put in incredible amounts of hard-work and dedication in maintaining a blog that they love, but they have to also earn a living.

How this is going to be done is something that only time is going to tell....

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