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Indian Fashion Designers - Diagold - Contemporary Designer Fine Jewellery - Necklaces - AW13 - E7 - Diamond and Rohdolite Chandelier Earrings
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Diamond and Rhodolite Chandelier Earrings

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Make a stylish statement with these magnificent chandelier earrings by Diagold featuring an alluring design with rhodolite stones and diamonds. The diamonds and the coloured stones together create quintessentially beautiful pieces which radiate enormous glamour. 

The Diagold Designer collection by Varda Goenka offers fine jewellery born with passion for creation. Known for it's trendy designs, quality products and exemplary service. Each piece undergoes the 4C's test : 'Cut, Clarity, Carat, Colour' and stones are cut with precision to create stunning master pieces. The gold is hallmarked and the diamonds internationally certified to maintain stringent quality standards.


- Tear drop shaped design beautifully studded with contrasting 118.96 ct rhodolite stones and 4.16 ct diamonds with a cut out at its centre
- Three charming pearl beads dangling at the ends and one at the top

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