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Indian Designer brand Zari offering authentic pashmina and cashmere products from Kashmir

ZARI, The Splendour of Kashmir, launched in 2017 at Sydney, Australia, prides itself in being a young global label that designs and curates the finest of Vintage and Contemporary shawls, scarves and mufflers sourced from the artisans of Kashmir in India. Through the pieces, the brand aspires to generate love, awe and inspiration for the unique and luxurious Pashmina and Cashmere products that are steeped in quality and unparalleled craftsmanship of Kashmir and of its gifted artisans.


The wide-ranging collections are developed through a measured and meticulous processes to ensure its uniqueness of designs and patterns. You will get products that stand out with the finest quality, brought to esteemed clients in a contemporary and international setting. In essence, what you find at ZARI- in quality, range or design- is unlikely to be available anywhere else!


ZARI's founder, Sonia, conceptualised ZARI to bring an international and contemporary feel to the beautiful artefacts from the valley of Kashmir. A Kashmiri herself, Sonia looks to popularise authentic Pashmina and Cashmere from Kashmir, with the aim of serving the Kashmiri artisan.

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