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Designer / Zainah Pooja Khokha Arora

Indian Fashion Designer Pooja Khokha Arora
Zainah By Pooja Khokha Arora

Pooja Khokha Arora started by designing and custom making jewellery and apparel for private labels in India and overseas. Her flair for design and her understanding of silhouettes seeded her label Zainah. In 2014 she launched her first collection ASHNA and then her collection VERVE.

‘Verve’ her 2017 collection, includes designs that reflect liveliness, exuberance and a dash - a constitution that a woman of today possess. The collection features diverse styles: from contemporary style sarees to indo Western capes and shrugs. The rich silk textures, georgette drapes, intricate hand embroideries and with an added hint of banaras makes it a perfect ensemble for a woman who believes in herself.

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