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Designer / Verb Pallavi Singhee

Indian Designer Pallavi Singhee
VERB by Pallavi Singhee

After graduating from the National Institute of Fashion, Pallavi Singhee launched her first label in January 2007 named “VERB”. As a brand, VERB believes in the idea of “Free Fashion”, fashion is something that is always evolving and in turn something that remains young as it grows over the years. Pallavi Singhee aims to capture this philosophy and reflects it in her designs.

Her designs are best recognised for their avant-garde spirit, her styles are constantly yet effortlessly changing from traditional to contemporary with an almost poetic ease. The diverse range avoids conventional fashion ideas but tries to maintain a minimalist nature at heart which is due to her core belief that ‘less is more’. Since 2007 Pallavi Singhee has showcased her styles and intricate hand works around various outlets in locations across India and even some abroad.

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