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Designer / Tuned Living

Indian Designers Vasudha and Devika for Tuned In Living
Tuned In Living

At Tuned In Living, the designers believe that a woman should not have to choose between style, comfort and substance. In a world where stylish silhouettes are mostly made in synthetic fabrics like polyester and natural fabrics are relegated to anti-fit silhouettes, the brand intends to bridge the gap by providing stylish feminine silhouettes made in 100% natural breathable fabrics like cotton and silk and some artisanal handwoven fabrics like Ikat and Khadi. 

The label is born out of passion of two sisters, Vasudha and Devika, who believe that everyday chic clothing should be well crafted, affordable and sustainably made. To live true to their values, the designers decided to invest in their own manufacturing unit which allows them to ensure that each piece is meticulously crafted and adhere to the highest quality production processes that are sustainable and adding value to the community around.

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