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Designer / Ti Couture Tania M Kathuria

Indian Designer brand TI Couture by Tania M Kathuria
TI Couture by Tania M Kathuria

Young, Free Spirited, Love for fashion, non- conventional that is what defines TI Couture - a refreshing luxury brand, reflecting to a large extend the paradigm shift in the Indian women’s taste today. Created in 2014, the brand offers exclusive and premium fashion jewelry with intricate designs & superior quality. Founded by a young fashion entrepreneur and stylist Tania M Kathuria, like her the brand reverberates not only class and chicness but also provides a varied range to cater to the different and unique tastes of its clients.

Right from childhood, Tania emanated a strong fashion sense and desired to do something unique in the fashion industry. To pursue her dreams, Tania went on to do her masters in Entrepreneurship from University of Nottingham UK, before TI Couture was born. Besides being into Fashion accessories she is also a wardrobe stylist.

Fashion emboldens one’s personality and individuality is Tania’s strong belief and also the idea behind starting her fashion line. In the broader sense it’s an extension of one’s personality and everyone needs a platform to manifest their own fashion tastes. This ideology is what makes it different in the market. The brand presents its customers with a blend of fashion, style as well as a price that goes well with different market segments.

TI Couture’s statement jewels vary between modern pieces and indo-western designs, usually including semi-precious stones, pearls, crystal embellishments, metal, silver, rose gold to give a bold and glamorous look and to ensure that there is something in store for everyone. From a teenager to a mother in law, TI couture caters to it all. This approach has made the brand a very sort after one in a very short span of time and the brand has gathered an overwhelming response so far when exhibiting its designs across India.

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