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Designer / Suede Devina Juneja

Indian Designer Brand Suede by Devina Juneja
Suede by Devina Juneja


Devina Juneja created SUEDE in 2011 with overwhelming support and encouragement from her family and friends, with the goal to become a ‘must-have accessory in the wardrobes of fashionistas world over’. Some things are just meant to happen, and the signs were always there - creativity, a love for rare, beautiful objects and to add to that, a family of serious art aficionados.


Each SUEDE bag has a story behind it; the designs are influenced from Devina’s surroundings and things that she holds close to her heart. History, travel, geometric patterns and her army of pet dogs are a huge source of inspiration for her designs. A SUEDE bag is versatile, it can be carried with an evening gown or slung across during a casual soiree.

The bags are designed keeping in mind the modern, confident woman, who is brand aware but not brand wary, someone who appreciates the classics and is yet bold and innovative in her style. SUEDE’s extensive collection of designer leather bags has something for everyone - the young and the mature, the bold and the classy!

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