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Designer / Sswarna Latika Mimi Sanyal

Indian Designer- SSwarna Latika by Mimi Sanyal
SSwarna Latika by Mimi Sanyal

SSwarnalatika was started in the year 2015 with an intention to make a mark in the fashion world and impose new dimensions to Indian ethnic wear. 

So, the initial efforts began with studying the various textile practices of the country and with sourcing fabrics and getting to know more about the people behind various textile crafts. It is the brand’s endeavor to bring about new designs which retain the traditional element yet contemporary and coexistent with the mood of the present. The collections include handwoven sarees which have been developed and designed by a team of craftsmen and designers. The yarns used in such sarees are mostly blended with silk and cotton. There are also a few sarees which have been handwoven with 100 count cotton threads and feature the use of Kaantha embroidery and intrinsic weaving patterns in silk and cotton threads. Fabrics like pure linen, ghicha, noil have been blended with silk to attain a uniqueness in style and to bring about the element of comfort and softness in texture. Blouses have been embroidered using zardozi embroidery and resham thread embroidery. The sarees also use a contrast colour scheme like the neon shades with red and fabrics in the blouses that match with the sarees like shibori prints with the silk linen sarees.

The designer was born and brought up in Assam, a land which takes pride in its rich textile cullture and heritage, where weaving and spinning was not just confined to commercial purposes but a way of life and culture of the people. She grew up watching women weaving and wearing various handwoven and handcrafted textiles starting from the Muga silk mekhela chaaders, the eri silk fabrics, the beautifully handwoven "Gamosas" , the bodo and the mishing weaves and so many others. The beautiful colour schemes and the intrinsic and versatile weaving patterns always delighted the senses and is considered to be timeless and in fashion always.

The designer was born into a bengali family where handwoven and handcrafted textiles - from apparels, home furnishings, jewelllery - were much revered. In her own words, “I was brought up in an environment where it was a regular practice for the women in the family to sew and embroider unique and innovative patterns and create their own designs and apparels for each one in the family-mostly the kids and the women themselves. So, the inspiration to be a part of the fashion world was always there. This led me to start studying the textile crafts of not only the north-east but also other parts of our country. I started working with weavers from the Phulia and the Santipur region of West Bengal. I worked out designs and patterns and designs with them and I have developed my designs. My present collection is an enseble of sarees whichh have mostly been handwoven by these artisans from Santipur and Phulia of West Bengal region. I have used Kaantha embroidery in some of my sarees. I also have handwoven Maheshwaris in the collection. I have mostly used blended yarns of silk and cotton, silk and linen, cotton and linen,noil and silk in my existing collection to give a certain uniqueness in style and to make the drapes comfortable to wear through all seasons and climates.”

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