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Indian Designer- Soshai-Sophiya gupta-Profile

In 2014 soshai was established as a brain child of designer Sophiya Gupta. A passionate fashionista and celebrated designer, sophiya started soshai with a simple belief that all women already posses an elegance and all that is required is to accentuate this natural elegance and highlight their personal style.

Soshai’s designs are defined by a youthful exuberance, wherein each ensemble has a touch of cheerfulness and joy. This is showcased by the signature buggle beats, intricate cut dana work, use of tassels and fringes, seductive net work and playful Latkans. With the modern Indian as its muse, each soshai ensemble is delicately handcrafted and passionately crated by skilled artisans to showcase premium ethnic designs and to celebrate the richness of colours, exquisiteness of materials and just the love of the find Indian couture wear.

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