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Designer / Shravan Kumar

Indian Fashion Designer Shravan Kumar
Shravan Kumar

'Fashion is a religion rather than a profession' - an adage Shravan Kumar Ramaswamy lives by. A true-blue fashionista based out of Hyderabad, he has unparalleled command on the latest trends and styles. Known for his unusual creations using the rich variety of handlooms available in India, Shravan Kumar has often shocked the fashion community with his bold usage of unconventional fabrics in his designs. His style of design is research oriented and he focuses on creating new trends every season instead on run-of-the-mill fare. His clothes are vibrant, using a palette of colours, simple yet interesting, and traditional hand crafted detailing reworked in the contemporary context. The styling is casual and easy to wear.

He works mainly with hand woven natural fibre fabrics and travels extensively in his search for the unusual and beautiful. Most of his designs and collections made with handlooms like Mangalagiri, Chirala, Madhavaram, Narayanpet, Venkatagiri and Chunnur khadi. His designs are timeless and are very simply cut, as the focus is always on the textile, the weave, the print and the craft.

He works with master weavers and crafts people. He firmly believes in giving back to the community he works with and he has instituted an annual event 'An Ode to the Weaves and Weavers' to support the cause of weavers. He's been holding this event for the last two years and intends to continue every year.

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