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Designer / Ropero

Indian Fashion Brand - Ropero

Ropero is the brainchild of Indian designers Shweta Singh Solanki and Niketa Singh Solanki, which was launched in 2014. Their brand name Ropero, is derived from the Spanish language, means wardrobe.

Ropero showcases a range of strong and sophisticated styled attires for the extraordinary modern women. It infuses traditional values and modern aspects together in all its collections. All the styles are crafted with utmost individuality and exquisite craftsmanship. Each design is an amalgamation of both the designer’s style and sensibilities.

Borrowing inspiration from the rich heritage from around the world, they cultivate their creativity into traditional and western wear. They aim to make each and every silhouette unique and timeless.

Dressing up effortlessly is what the brand represents and works on. They imbibe a combination of luxury and comfort elements together.Accessible, glamorous and perfectly tailored.

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