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Designer / Roopa Vohra

Indian Fashion Designer - Roopa Vohra
Roopa Vohra

Roopa Vohra is a renowned jewellery designer who is attributed with designing exquisite pieces of jewellery while also empowering Indian artisans and reviving traditional crafts. She started the brand ‘RoopaVohra’ in 1997 in an attempt to revive ‘Thewa’ – a 400 year old dying art form that involves intricately cut gold sheets that are embossed on molten glass. 

What started as a journey to revive this form of jewellery making has now metamorphosed to a brand that stands for an ultimate jewellery experience of worldwide acclaim. Thewa has not only been resurrected by the Roopa but has also gone on to become a trademark of the designer, after she named her first collection ‘Thewa’. Her efforts towards the art form have gained her the title of being a ‘Revivalist’ in the jewellery design space.

Riding high on the success of Thewa, Roopa floated the ‘Naqaashi’ collection. Gorgeous jewellery in designs inspired by the Mughal architecture on the doors and windowsare a part of the collection. It comprises of 23kt gold and glass, combined in designs of wondrous detail to create timeless pieces each of which has a story to tell.

For the brides, she has an exquisite ‘Kundan’ collection that encompasses the grandeur of the Mughal designs where each piece is adorned with rubies, emeralds and diamonds. The collection includes chaand-balis, jhumkis, polki necklaces and chandelier earrings, each piece with stones encrusted in gold on one side and colourful minakari work on the other.

With her design aesthetic deeply rooted in Indian traditions, she strives hard to revive the old traditions and crafts and give them a twist such that they even appeal to the new generation. This led to the creation of the ‘Cocktail’ collection of tasteful contemporary jewellery in a classic style. The collection has artful pieces made of brilliantly cut diamonds and semi-precious stones like rubies, emeralds, sapphire and pearls in a gamut of colours. While the craft is traditional, the style is kept contemporary to reflect the persona of the patron. About her designs, Roopa says that “each piece is extremely versatile and can be worn with ensembles ranging from jeans to gowns.”

RoopaVohra’s designs are adorned by many a celebrities who flaunt them on the red carpet simply for their sheer magnificence. She is known to blend rich colours, sparkling stones and intricate designs together to create magical pieces that bear her stamp of creativity. This has earned her a loyal clientele: people who come to her not just because of her spectacular pieces of jewellery but because they appreciate the effort and the art that goes into making each one of them.

The Bombay-based designer’s jewellery has gained worldwide popularity given their unique character and the fact that every piece defies time to earn a spot in the patron’s heirloom collection. Despite her worldwide acclaim, Roopa continues to pursue the cause of Indian crafts and artisans with the same passion that she started with almost two decades ago and sets trends with every collection that she launches. 

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