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Designer / Rocky S

Indian Fashion Designer Rocky S
Rocky S

Rocky S has made quite a name for himself in the fashion fraternity as the designer for both the celebrity as well as the common man. Owing to his artistic mind and a flair for creativity, the young and talented designer has revamped the way fashion is perceived and operated in India.

As a commerce student in college, Rocky’s timetable was always occupied with subjects like Accounts and Statistics, but as a die-hard sucker for fashion, his mind was always pre-occupied by his haunting interest in clothes. He always recommended clothes for people to wear and helped them out during their dressing dilemmas. It was then that he decided to take up fashion designing as a full time career. This was quite a bold decision for someone who had absolutely no background in fashion. With a father who was a chartered accountant, an elder brother who was into construction and another brother who was an accountant by profession, it was not natural for his family to encourage his new career choice, as the idea seemed quite absurd to them. However, against all odds, Rocky S finally had his way, and decided to join the J.D Institute for Fashion Designing, where he received formal training in Fashion Technology.

On graduating, Rocky S got his first job at the high-fashion boutique - Roopam, which proved to be a turning point in his career. In the three years of his alliance with the boutique, he grew immensely as a designer. Apart from being appreciated for his creations for the commercial front, he also received national acclaim for his costume designs in Bollywood movies. As soon as the audience saw any of his designs on screen, they couldn’t help but obsess over it until they owned it. His designs became all the rage in the country and it wasn’t long before renowned movie producers began to approach him for their various projects.

As a result of numerous design offers flooding in, Rocky S left his job at Roopam, to take up a full-fledged career in designing outfits for stars onscreen as well as off-screen. After establishing a stronghold in Bollywood, he decided to launch his very own boutique under the name 'Rocky S' in Mumbai, which caters to the tastes of both men as well as women clients. Rocky has also showcased his breath taking apparel collections in numerous fashion shows and was hugely applauded for the vibrancy and freshness of his original styles.

Best known for the precision of his construction technique, meticulous design details and dream-like finish, Rocky S had by now become a household name in India as well as abroad, when it came to fashion. Driven by his love for apparel, he also plunged into the domain of bridal couture, home furnishing, club wear, and other accessories and today, also has fragrances called Rocky S Noir Femme and Rocky S Noir Pour Hommes to his name.

Refusing to relent, Rocky S is now also planning to launch a children's wear collection for the young fashionistas. He has also come up with a contemporary yet reasonably priced line for the modern working woman, who mean business, but also like to be fashionable. A favourite among the Bollywood stars, Rocky S also has international stars like Beyoncé Knowles among his clientele. There is no doubt that Rocky S is one of the leading designers of India today, and after having set foot into the international forum too, we know for a fact that this trendsetter is here to stay.

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