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Designer / Rhea

Rhea - Fashion Jewellery Brand

The fashion jewellery brand Rhea was founded in 2008 by Creator & Curator, Rima Jain. Having grown up in the diamond business, Rima was always inspired by the delicate beauty (and of course, sparkle!) of jewellery. Along with her penchant for travel, contemporary personal style, and zealous desire to accessorise, Rima knew she wanted her focus to be on fashion jewellery. The young fashionista loves changing trends and evolving style, something she felt is often hindered by the "forever nature" of fine jewellery.

Rhea, allows her to freedom to play with materials and colours, and diversity is a distinguishable ingredient to all her collections. Handcrafted, primarily set in brass and featuring turquoise, corals and agate to jade, crystals and rhinestones, Rhea’s collections over the past six years have evolved into a perfectly mixed-bag, suitable for every palette. Rima considers her collections ideal as bridal shower favors, the 'OMG BEST GIFT EVER!' for any teenager, or even as a must-have piece of bling for an older woman, The brand has conveniently sorted their pieces into travel, glamour, brunch, party, work and daily wear categories, so most of the work is already done for its customers.

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