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Designer / Purvi Doshi

Indian Designer Purvi Doshi
Purvi Doshi

Purvi is not shy to innovate and experiment with her designs and has created collections with enchanting blends of Indian with western. Her garments are not only aesthetically brilliant but also captivating to all age groups.


She was awarded “Emerging Designer” by Grazia Magazine because of her work to redesign ancient Indian crafts and incorporating them into her contemporary designs. Since then, Purvi Doshi has worked to become a regular name at Lakme Fashion Week as well as taking part in largely popular exhibitions and fashion shows across India and overseas.


Purvi Doshi obtains most of her inspiration from her Gujarati heritage amongst other Indian inspirations. Purvi Doshi has been contributing to reviving traditional Indian crafts and arts, some of these crafts and arts skills remain only with a small group of people in the most remote areas of India. 


Purvi Doshi has always had an eye for design as she loves to explore new motifs and patterns in her designs inspired by the art of India and Gujarat to be more specific. She is always experimenting with and innovating her designs with western twists, giving her final cuts brilliant silhouettes that have the amazing power to mesmerize all ages.


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