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Designer / Preeti Wanchoo

Indian fashion Designer Preeti Wanchoo for Ek Karkhana
Preeti Wanchoo

Ek Karkhana by Preeti Wanchoo. "Ek karkhana" stands for an idealistic space with no boundaries and no constraints. A Centre point of ideas where me together with an enthusiastic team of karigars, explore the realm of creativity to create a product line which I truly believe in.

Inspired by the inherent beauty of traditional arts and crafts the label evokes a sense of native Indian-ness in its hand made embroidery and prints. Embracing this age-old technique with pure textiles the cloth is finely stitched with high workmanship by the local dressmakers appropriately in "Ek Karkhana" the little workshop.

Preeti Wanchoo is a postgraduate in Apparel and accessory design from National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad. Ek Karkhana by Preeti Wanchoo represents love and passion for research and design.

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