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Designer / Pashma

Indian fashion designer Shilu Kumar and her Label Pashma

In 1999, Shilu Kumar embarked on a journey to present her passion to create the most outstanding textile art forms for contemporary consumers.

Pashma was born therefore with a vision to cement a place for Indian textile art forms in the global luxury sphere. Taking inspiration from the weaving traditions of India and the extraordinarily opulent lifestyle of Indian royalty, the love affair with Indian textile art commenced.

Today, Pashma's product range has expanded far beyond cashmere shawls to include a luxurious range of knitwear and home accessories made from cashmere and cashmere blends.

Our assortment also includes a range of sophisticated high-quality resort-wear and is known as Petanu. All our products imbibe the central elements of our promise that has been the hallmark of our success: inherent artistic value, timeless appeal, outstanding quality, superior craftsmanship and exceptional value.

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