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Designer / Pable

Indian Designer Ashwini for her brand Pable

Ashwini’s oldest memory is one of her grandmother draping a beautiful Chanderi silk while hovered around in sheer fascination. This developed deep fondness for these handcrafted textiles in her which, subconsciously, stayed with her even in years to come. Even when she entered the corporate world, the luxury of superior natural fibres and rich textures were a memory she never strayed too far away from. Ashwini along with her husband, Sandip Pable travelled across India for work purposes where they discovered many weaving communities. They realized two things post this experience - 

One, handloom weaving had flourished for centuries due to royal patronage

Two, some of these traditional textiles are now declining because of modern technology & styles

This enlightening experience drove both of them to develop a modern support system that gave the textiles a contemporary uplift. In 2016, this dream translated into reality with the establishment of Rewanta, a for-profit organization that facilitates the participation of local weaving communities in the Indian textile & fashion industry. Under this organization, a capsule collection of premium clothing was created, named PABLÉ. The idea behind PABLÉ was to create a new set of patrons—high-earning individuals across various walks of life who would appreciate the subtle everyday luxury of quality fashion created from the best indigenous fabrics.

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