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Indian Designer brand Our Jewel Tree by Raddheka Goel
Our Jewel Tree

“Jewelry is a personal accessory that has to make its wearer feel comfortable yet special…”

India and the art of jewelry have been associated with each other from times immemorial. Jewelry is considered auspicious and thus, is crafted with great precision and skill. Colored gemstones adorned the kings, queens and nawabs. The treasures of the Golden Bird lured famous travelers around the world.

Jewel Tree celebrates the unparalleled Indian art and heritage by merging sterling silver and semi-precious gemstones for re-defining contemporary moments that every woman desires and deserves. The jewelry is handcrafted by blending modern techniques with heirloom details to convey affection with soulful modernism. Taking inspiration from history, the logo of the brand, a Peacock feather, symbolizes ancient mythologies with modern interpretation of age old aesthetic and techniques. It is a symbol of beauty, prosperity, royalty, love, compassion and peace.

All of the silver jewelry at Our Jewel Tree is made of sterling silver and semi-precious gemstones procured from all across the world. The designing and manufacturing process begins with carefully examining the gemstones preferably, under the northern daylight to capture the magnificent natural wonder followed by an in-depth analysis of color and shading. The gemstone is further cut, smoothened and polished. With patience and high precision, each gemstone is masterfully casted into sterling silver to embody modern Indian glamor in form of earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings and cufflinks. The brand likes to keep pace with new ideas and production techniques involving semi-automated, automated machines to create exciting jewelry lines. By adhering to the fair trade practices, the brand creates opportunities for economically disadvantaged marginalized producers. Artisans and craftsmen benefit from continual training and skill upgrading programs along with fair wages and safe working environment. In pursuit of perfection, the craftsmen cast not only their eyes and hands but also draw on the desire to create a piece of jewelry that is a sight to behold and marvel.

Be Inspired Forever “Every piece of jewelry has a story to tell…” As Paul Smith once said, ‘You can find inspiration in everything- And if you can't, look again.’ Our Jewel Tree’s jewelry draws inspiration from everything. Seasonality, life-cycle, exotic plants and endless life forms fill up the collection with energy and evoke a wide range of emotions. From the ‘Spring Green’ earrings and ‘Bohemian Tribe’ necklace to the ‘Turquoise Skies’ bracelet and ‘Golden Exoticism’ bangle bracelet, each of these has been created for lasting memories that can be handed down through generations. The catalog transforms everyday ensemble into a celebration of nature with the choice of its unique organic shapes and splendid colors, aesthetically molded to form a bridge between nature and its surroundings. Inspired by the nuances of seasons, interpretations of nature is the perennial theme of the collection. All the earthly treasures spring from a singular and sophisticated imagination that has been broken down to its building block in order to capture shapes, movements, rhythms, textures and even personalities. The collection is characterized into different elements of life and natural spaces- all drawing on the essence of nature and its influence on one another; a complexity of intertwining relationships, yet each piece emerges with a story of its own.

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