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Designer / Niki Mahajan

Indian Designer Niki Mahajan
Niki Mahajan

Niki Mahajan is a native of the capital of India, New Delhi. As with many Indians, her roots are deeply embedded within the city of her birth and her designs are all about taking the traditions and roots from the city she loves and interpreting them in art form in her designs to give the world a real taste of New Delhi.

Niki Mahajan is continuously searching for new inspirations in a city that is riddled with exuberant colours, differing cultures and incredible architecture. All of her collections incorporate an amalgamation of hand craft techniques, embroidery skills and colour palettes that truly offer a flavour of New Delhi.

For her hard work and efforts, Niki Mahajan was awarded an innovation award at the YuvRatan awards. Her designs today are donned by women all around the world, reintroducing India and New Delhi in a light that people often miss.


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