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Designer / Nidhika Shekhar

Indian Fashion Designer - Nidhika Shekhar
Nidhika Shekhar

Nidhika Shekhar is an Indian fashion designer whose collections are a celebration of beauty, style, femininity, individuality and sensuousness. Elegant, sensuous, classic and timeless clothes that reflect a ‘feeling’ of the times. Her signature style is synonymous with simple cuts, luxurious feminine fluid fabrics, rustics to smattering bright colour pallet and intricate and exquisite hand embroidery. Her styles beautifully flatter the female form with an amalgamation of oriental and western ideas.

Pastel shades, breezy silhouettes & edgy detailing are the key elements of her collection. It offers its customers a lifestyle concept for dressing, filled with everything from must have day wear to glamorous evening wear.

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