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Designer / Nehal Jewelry

Indian Jewellery Designer Anjali for her brand Nehal Jewelry
Nehal Jewelry

Nehal Jewelry is the dream of Anjali Sharma, a self-made jewelry designer who has been inspired by Jaipur’s intricate and vibrant style. She has always had a keen and creative instinct that drove her to sketch out designs starting at a very young age. Anjali blends modern techniques with heirloom details to create on trend, high quality, gold-plated costume jewelry that is provocative and sophisticated, yet available at accessible price points.

Sharing her love for natural stones, the raw attraction and fierce power, Anjali makes stones the spotlight of each piece, and builds the designs around the stones. Additionally, her designs are influenced by her cultural roots. She has a gift of creating unique pieces that have both value and distinct sense of heritage. Her creations have a certain nouvelle factor owing to the unusual combination of contrasting material, colors & gemstone and taking inspiration from ancient designs merging them into versatile & modern designs.

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