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Designer / Neeta Bhargava

Indian Designer Neeta Bhargava
Neeta Bhargava

Neeta Bhargava always had a huge passion for art and displayed high levels of determination. Starting her career armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from Allahabad University, she began working as an artist specialising in Tanjore paintings in 1993. After establishing her name as a Tanjore artist with contemporary styles, she decided to merge her two greatest passions, art and fashion and start her own design studio in 1994.

Neeta Bhargava aims to fuse her contemporary knowledge and traditional Indian art to create pieces that can repeatedly be admired by modern Indian art lovers. Her collections focus on understated elegance through the use of simple, classic styles. She draws inspirations from a number of different sources, from Mughal art to Persian architecture, she works to continuously broaden her horizons. She tries to maintain her profile as an artist rather than a fashion designer through her use of complex art work on her designs and focuses less on graphic designs. She successfully fuses both art and fashion as she has proved with her collections that she created for a number of retailers and has since had her designs become synonymous with high fashion.

Neeta’s Bhargava’s abstract take on fashion has clearly exceeded all expectations. She has been involved in events across the globe including India Fashion Week for the last five years and various shows in New Delhi, Dubai, New York, United Kingdom, Mumbai, Bangalore and Singapore.

Her mantra is, “The excellence of every art is its intensity, capable of making all disagreeable evaporate, bringing out the close relationship between beauty and truth.”

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