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Indian Designer brand Nectars By Sonali Jain
Nectars By Sonali Jain

NECTARS, a word appeared very first in Rig Veda means “Amrit”. According to Hindu mythology, Amrit symbolizes drink of immortality that gives you a blessing of everlasting life. Similarly, we are giving our customer eternal dresses that give them a sense of immortality. So, here it is, being established as a brand that brings the ‘modern take on traditional’. Deriving inspiration from local artisans and travelling to another place or part of the world. The brand offers interesting surfaces by using embroidery, inspiring prints and portrays movement by drapery.

About the designer

Ms. Sonali Jain, founded NECTARS with objective to provide women of the generation stylish, quality clothing options. She specializes in unconventional designs and believes in finding beauty in every aspect of a story.

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