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Designer / Mr Ajay Kumar

Indian Designer Brand - Mr Ajay Kumar
Mr. Ajay Kumar

Mr. Ajay Kumar is an Indian designer label launched in 2014 by Indian designer Ajay Kumar who is an alumnus from National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi with over 13 years of experience in menswear ready-to-wear retail. The label was launched with a idiosyncratic vision to revitalise Indian menswear fashion and take it to a global stage and comes out strong, bold, flamboyant, wrapped in intricate patterns and vibrant colours; encased in crisp, fitted and contemporary silhouette. Positioned as a premium avant-garde bespoke menswear brand, it caters to the dynamic demands of the new age puritans who crave for sartorial elegance in their occasion wardrobe. The seasonal collections portray a duality with structured yet flowy silhouettes, balancing traditional motif and absolute modern graphic bringing a fresh sophistication to the brand. In addition to menswear, the brand also showcases womenswear collections.

Dichotomies has always been an integral part of the seasonal collections as they allow for more freedom to reinterpret India’s sartorial heritage and its indigenous cultural landscape into something that is completely futuristic. Recreating associations between time and objects, Indian history, art, architecture, nature, birds, beasts, textiles and tradition; the brand catalyses inspiration to render graphic masterpieces. digitally onto fabrics giving it an avant-garde outlook.

Handwoven cottons, khaki, Benaresi silks, European linens, wool and organza silk fabrics are infused with these digital prints; amalgamating classic tailoring and contemporary styling with impeccable construction to make it look individualistic, effortlessly stylish and red carpet worthy.

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