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Indian Designer Sumit Saurya for his brand Mitsa
Mitsa By Sumit Saurya

“Mitsa” is a group of enthusiastic and dedicated team of experts who work efficiently to achieve the best of both worlds. They are a team viz; production, designers, merchandisers, artisans who together display western khadi womenswear made of eco-friendly materials.

Sumit Saurya, the name may be new but celebrities and professionals he has worked with in the hindi film industry and his work is always appreciated. A fashion graduate from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai started in 2015 From working as an intern to assisting several renowned stylist and designers for independent projects, and has attained huge success. However, as they say, destination is yet to arrive, Sumit has been a progressive personality. With a dream to let the world wear his creations, he came up with his designer brand, Mitsa. With Mitsa, he doesn't want people to just wear designer dresses but to wear what one dreams of. His designs are not just his creativity but the reflection of one's thoughts, feelings and expressions.

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