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Mio Borsa

Mio Borsa means "My Bag"/ or "My kind of bag"

The concept behind mio borsa was typically to sustain the trend in the industry. A compassionate woman herself, Palavi exuded the same in her line of vegan leather bags. The idea behind the concept was to shape cruelty free fashion in a way and at a price point that this noble trend could reach out to everyone

With Mio Borsa Palavi aims to bring out subtle colors, pastel hues, minimalistic structuring but a very chic line of bags that can easily transform from a morning corporate look to fun night. The brand opts for PU, canvas, upcycled materials and more to craft simple yet durable products in 4 colors of matt. The range includes a variety of handbags and purses - Clutches, totes, and shoulder bags - to name just a few

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