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Designer / Megha Garg

Indian Designer Megha Garg
Megha Garg

Based out of Kolkata, India, Megha Garg successfully graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology in 2010. Following this, Megha Garg then decided to further her knowledge of the fashion industry by pursuing a Graduate Diploma in Fashion from Central Saint Martin’s in London. She took her first steps into the fashion industry in 2011 when she became a freelance designer and then swiftly followed this by launching her first designer label in March 2012 at one of the most esteemed fashion platforms across India, Lakme Fashion Week.

The label ‘Megha Garg’ is designed to suit women who appreciate their individuality and maintain high levels of self-esteem through her use of digital printing and draping. As a designer, she always reflects elements from her everyday life in her collections, perhaps from the book she’s reading or a philosophy she’s interested in. Megha Garg epitomises herself as a dreamer and creator, she says she spends most of her time dreaming about new ideas, which in turn inspire her to create new designs based on those ideas.

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