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Meera Mahadevia-Meera Mahadevia
Meera Mahadevia

Indian motifs and designs are so popular worldwide that there is a growing demand for India inspired clothes and accessories in the international market.  Among accessories, bags and clutches are hugely popular in the west, especially in the luxury segment. One of the best kept secrets in the international luxury bags market is Meera Mahadevia. She has spearheaded the movement to use handcrafted Indian elements to create bags and clutches that tend to become heirloom pieces that are passed from one generation to another.

Meera started her career as a fashion designer and held a number of exhibitions by designing garments in Khadi and denim. She holds a degree in textile design and post-graduation in Indian Aesthetics. Her works have been showcased at the Asian Civilization Museum (Singapore) and Newark Museum Gallery (USA). She has been honored and felicitated for her outstanding contribution to design and creativity at the Newark Museum Gallery.

In 1985, she started the Meera Mahadevia Luxury Handbags business that supplied customized handbags to socialites and celebrities around the world. Till recently, her creations were available only to those who graced the red carpet and were adorned by the likes of Maharani Gayatri Devi, Rekha and Bipasha Basu. Today, as her business has expanded, her exquisite bags can be found in luxury boutiques and fashion portals all over the world.

The designer uses luxurious silk, brocade, intricate embellishments and vibrant colours to create products that are irresistible in their appeal.  Each Meera Mahadevia handbag is unique, with no two bags having any similarity in design and visual elements. She uses wood carvings, silver, marble inlays, semi-precious stones and spiritual elements to create bags that are conversation starters. Every Meera Mahadevia handbag is crafted with great care and fine precision, using the most artistic manufacturing tool ever- the human hand. Traditional paintings, weaves and embroideries adorn her bags, thereby giving a chance to the artisans to showcase their unparalleled skill with her bags as the canvas.

Despite having started small about 30 years ago and steadily built a loyal client base that flaunted her designs at parties and red carpets. Over the years, she has designed over 27000 handbags, with no two bags being identical in any way. She claims that her ability to innovate comes from travelling and knowing the pulse of her clientele.

Among her collections, the most popular are the rich wedding and festive bags and clutches that are adorned with such finery that they can seamlessly blend into your festive outfit. Their rich colours and embellishments have the ability to overwhelm you and take your breath away! Crafted using 24 carat gold, silver and semi-precious stones, her bags are synonymous with luxury and opulence; so much that they can up your bling level of your ensemble by several notches.

Meera also designs contemporary bags for the modern women that are a distinctive blend of traditional elements and modern design. Every single Meera Mahadevia bag enjoys lifelong after sales service, a feature that makes her bags quite a catch!


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