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Designer / Kotwara Meera And Muzaffar Ali

Indian Fashion Designer duo of Meera and Muzzafar Ali for Kotwara
Kotwara by Meera and Muzaffar Ali

Kotwara is the brand created by the husband and wife duo of Muzaffar Ali (a painter and film maker) and his partner Meera Ali (an architect) in 1990, mainly with a purpose to revive traditional craft from the Awadh region of India.

The designers are innovators and the innovation stems from an understanding of the ethos of the region and the understanding of the modern day relevance of the traditional crafts. The forte of the brand has been the use of Chikan and Zardozi techniques that are created by craftsmen from Kotwara and Lucknow. Since the beginings, the designers have also re-invented traditional crafts from various parts of India like Kashmir, Bengal and Kerala.

Support for the community is in the form of associations with charities like Dwar Pe Rozi and the Rumi Foundation. The designers are also deeply involved in sufi music in the form of support for concerts and artists.

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