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Designer / Koga Jenjum And Jasleen

Indian Fashion Designers Jenjum and Jasleen creators of Koga
Koga by Jenjum and Jasleen

KOGA design is the collaboration of two aspiring designers JASLEEN KOCHHAR & JENJUM GADI. Conceptual innovative embroidery, texturing and mixing fabric, combined with various stitching techniques forms the USP of the brand. Jenjum is a Wigan & Leigh college graduate awarded the 'best collection' at the college finale. Having worked with Indian designers Satya Paul and Rohit Bal, Jenjum has the ability to rework and recreate the existing into the extraordinary. A Wigan & Leigh graduate, Jasleen was awarded the 'best performer' overall. With a professional training in business from Warwick Business School and an internship with 'Valaya FNP', Jasleen has learnt to experiment with her own style and has given up many corporate jobs to do what she does best, which is designing.

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