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India Designers Gauri Pradhan Tejwani and Pallavee Duggall for their brand Knotty Tales
Knotty Tales

Gauri Pradhan Tejwani and Pallavee Duggall came together with the simple mission of creating a collection that was tailored to the lifestyle of today’s Indian woman. Each garment is designed with the intent to be comfortable, multifunctional, and most of all, to make its wearer feel beautiful and empowered.

Classic formal favorites such as the plain white blouse have been given eccentric twists, and Indian staples such as the kurti have been jazzed up to make tradition more accessible and fun to wear. Statement pieces of all prints and colors serve as the KnottyTales tribute to the unique sense of beautiful which each woman defines for herself. The woman of today dons many different personas, and there is a piece tailored for every mood and role she plays. Comfort is the backbone of the collection, yet there are strong design divergences. The KnottyTales woman is one who defines her own path, and each wearer has her own incredible journey of dreams and desires.

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