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Indian Designer Musskan Agarwaal for her Jewellery brand Kiwi By Musskan
Kiwi By Musskan

The one feature that sets the brand's designs apart are the miniatures of the Tanjore paintings that are incorporated in the neckpieces. It is the designer's commitment to create quality pieces that provoke thought, incite inquiry and tempt playfulness with a clear vision & philosophy for her brand - to become every woman’s choice.

An Ingenious and Charismatic jewellery designer with an impeccable eye for detail, Musskan Agarwaal crafts each piece to appeal the fashion aficionados. Each of her collections consists of individually handcrafted and limited edition pieces and is assortment of Tanjore mallas, bracelets, ear rings or neckpieces be it in polki, semi precious & precious stones, pearls, emeralds, sapphires, topaz or rubies.

For Musskan, jewellery designing is not work but living her passion & she likes it that way. Her designs are urban & youthful, yet they have a compelling allure of old-world charm. Her jewellery depict a lot of deities from various stories; gorgeous, serene images through use of thoughtful gemstones. Her collections have a lot of Indian Earthiness in it portraying her connection with culture & religion.

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