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Designer / Kikis Crafted Swasti

Indian Designer Brand - Kikis Crafted by Swasti
Kikis Crafted by Swasti

Working directly with the Indian craftspeople and technicians sparked an interest in custom textile development, which remains a creative focus of the brand. The brand’s creative solution respects the importance of natural fabric, a pure craft with a keen diligence upon raw material to the finest finished product. Kiki’s addresses the requirement of the drape, precision, sartorial elegance, needs of clientele, in a contemporary and sexy fashion, while avoiding ostentation and excess.

The values of kiki’s heavily relies upon how garments from the collections feel, it’s comfort; fabrics 100% natural that helps breathe. This happens when the creative director is a textile designer and a priority falls upon zero compromise on the fabrics, the weaves, the raw material. At the very least, this notion subverts extravaganza about fashion; at best, it suggests that fragments may become reintegrated, that the responsible fashion may be in some way therapeutic for a broken modern world.

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