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Designer / Khyati Sahni

Indian Accessory Designer - Khyati Sahni
Khyati Sahni

Soaked in the rhythm like flowing river, Khyati Sahni is a budding Indian Accessories Designer who graduated in Fashion Design from NIFT, Mumbai. Seeking reason in every minute thing around,she has taken as it came. Designing for her has been the language of speaking out one's personality and style is her way of decoding the beauty of each moment lived.

The beauty of every moment of life is in the inkling it creates on our consciousness. This is what she reveals through the work and inspires her viewers to take pride in living each instant with full zest. A person so full of life, vivacious, expressive, meticulous and sensitive; she imparts all these attributes to each of her design. For her trendy exquisite scarf collection, she mostly uses cotton and mulmul fabrics and ornaments with lovely tassels and embroideries. Her designs are stylish yet sophisticated and can be effortlessly styled with varied looks.

Her beautiful range of scarves and stoles is exactly what you need to lift the look to your attire. Her products lend you a leisurely drive back to the era of romance and cascading floral saga.

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