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Kashmiraa - Indian Fashion Brand

Kashmiraa by Indian designer Kashmiraa Gandhi showcases exquisite unconventional womens ensembles which emphasise detailing, fit, quality and design. Unlike other fashion designers, Kashmiraa’s exodus into the fashion industry was unconventional. After pursuing an MBA in Marketing, Mumbai and a degree in Business Management from Singapore, Kashmiraa worked as a Business Consultant in the real estate sector.

Her heart however, was always set toward being part of the fashion industry. A staunch believer of following her passion, she quit her high profiled job to study fashion. She did so at Milan’s prestigious - Milan Fashion Campus. This was to be the beginning of laying the foundation stone for her brand Kashmiraa. Kashmiraa is a believer of the fact that minute details can lift the soul and touch the hearts of true Fashionistas. This essence of ensuring minute detail in her pieces embodies the true Kashmiraa spirit

All patterns are handcrafted and perfected. The brand ensures that the fabric is carefully chosen individually hand cut. Hand work, cuts and detailing in every piece something that sets Kashmiraa apart. In every sense, each dress is a truly a story waiting to be told.

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