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Designer / Karleo

Indian Fashion Designer duo of Karan and Leon for Karleo

KARLEO is a brand that was born out of the design sensibilities of international couture, with the designers incorporating the same quality standards that are observed for the biggest labels in the West. Amongst their initial projects was their work with Bangkok-based business tycoon Nishita Shah, for her wedding season wardrobe. Founded in March 2013, KARLEO is a brand of ready-to-wear and couture garments, focusing on evening wear, bridal ensembles and accessories. The designers behind the brand come from a background of fashion exports, having an established clientele of international labels like Armani, Valentino, Marchesa and Ralph Lauren.

The designers offer a complete range of work, from designing and creating couture pieces and accessories, to lending tips on styling, as well as hair and make-up. They have created haute couture collections for these labels and many more, with a detailed focus on themes and inspirations, in collaboration with their strong network of craftsmen in India.

KARLEO ’s ‘Bridal Studio’ offersbrides-to-be creative bridal solutions, including clothing, accessories and styling. So far,KARLEO has worked on custom bridal ensembles and other wedding-related garments, red carpet outfits, as well as a wide range of headpieces and other accessories.

Co-founded by designer friends Karan Berry and Leon Vaz, Karleo was an idea that came from the likeness in their design sensibilities and the synchrony that they found between their work, when working together on certain projects. They both had the idea of combining the rich aesthetics of Indian culture with a western approach to design. And that led to creating pieces that offered an Indian clientele the same quality and design standards that are upheld by leading international couture labels. With the idea of creating outfits for special occasions, the design philosophy at Karleo is that of contrasts—taking simple pieces of clothing or elements from our day-to-day lives and lending them an exclusive definition through rich textures, embroidery and detailing of various kinds. Drawing inspiration from things that are taken for granted, Karelo ’ s designs reflect a renewed perspective. The garments juxtapose opposing elements, seamlessly blended to create a kind of harmony that liberates them from the confines of the obvious. At Karleo, trends are not followed blindly. Each garment has a personality of its own, which draws heavily from the personality of its wearer.

Karleo ’s clients are treated as a part of the creation process. Their ideas and personal vision for outfits for their special occasions are as important to the designers as the quality of the craftsmanship that constructs the outfits. In order to involve the clients in the process, Karleo promises to provide them with spec-sheets, a virtual trial of the outfit, as well as a mock garment for every outfit they make, so as to ensure that the final product is exactly to the clients’ liking. With the final product, the clients also get a complete design file, including the sketches, the fabric and other material samples, swatches, etc.

Karleo is a brand that gives you couture and ready-to-wear garments made with the same attention to detail as any red-carpet gown worn by a celebrity and it is that very attention to detail that is carried forward and observed in the service that the brand provides to each of its customers. With Karleo ’s headbands, you have the opportunity to own and flaunt a piece of couture even if you don’t want to indulge on a custom-made evening dress just yet. The couture starter accessories can be a perfect addition to a plain ensemble, to dress up a look and go from day to evening. The collection of headbands draws heavily from the same principles that shape the evening wear from Karleo, with rich materials like Swarovski opals and frosted crystals. These are crafted with the same attention to detail that is given to a couture gown. Mounted on a thin wire framework, the bands feel like intricately worked jewelry. The finishing touch to any bridal look is a gorgeous timeless veil. From statement-making cathedral-length options to demure bandeaus, find inspiration in our beautiful Veils which are hand crafted to perfection with embroidery and highlights for every brides dream wedding.

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