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Designer / Karieshma Sarnaa

Indian Fashion Designers - Karieshma Sarnaa
Karieshma Sarnaa

Karieshma ventured in to the world of fashion after graduating from NIFT, New Delhi. She has a flair for detail, style and a keen eye for colors and embellishments. An avid reader with a love for history and psychology, she found the fashion world too compelling to resist. She has evolved as a designer and has a unique style that she is recognized for. Vibrancy is a consistent theme of her collection and she is not afraid to experiment with colors. Karieshma's vision is to promote the Indian craft and talent through her label overseas. She envisions a more colorful and vibrant world.

Her brand is best described as a marriage between the traditional and contemporary. The concepts are deeply Indian in their inspiration with a strong global appeal. Vivid palette is in congruous with the USP of the label. Impeccable finishing, right fitting and wearable ensembles are key areas which are never compromised. Garments, Accessories and Jewelry are available under the label "Karieshma Sarnaa".

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