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The Kaftan Company
The Kaftan Company

The Kaftan Company is a niche brand that aims at bringing a stylish range of kaftans to accentuate the beauty of every woman. A fusion of haute couture and tradition, the kaftans suit each and every occasion with style and grace.

The brand uses a variety of beautiful and soft flowing fabrics, mixed with trendy colours and matching ornaments in each and every detailed creation. The products are suited for casual and everyday wear, resort and beach wear, cocktail and party wear, and lounge and night wear.

Brand Vision

The Kaftan Company aspires to be the world’s most recognizable brand for kaftans, with an aim to offer customers the best possible product selection, quality, value, and most importantly, excellent service. When you are shopping for a kaftan, we want you to think of us as your first choice!

Brand Promise

The Kaftan Company designs uniquely trendy and stylish kaftans in gorgeous fabrics that you will confidently appreciate as undeniably yours!

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