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Designer / Jyotee Khaitan

Indian fashion designer Jyotee Khaitan
Jyotee Khaitan

Young, feisty and eye-catching: the Jyotee Khaitan label captures the spirit of the modern woman of today's world. Though relatively new (the label was launched in 2005) Jyotee's vigorous quest for elegance and sophistication has placed her firmly amidst the pantheon of designers to be reckoned with.

Jyotee's designs perfectly complement the new generation, focusing on exclusivity and style. As a designer she ventures boldly into uncharted territory, using unconventional embellishments and accessories, imparting freshness in each new collection. Her garments are classy, chic and cutting edge. The designer has showcased her work across several exhibitions (including Femina bridal shows) nationwide. She has also participated in Collezione Bengal, a showcase of Bengal's leading designers, in Mumbai.

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