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Designer / Julia Bruchwitz

strand of silk - fashion from india - julia bruchwitz
Julia Bruchwitz

The JZ Couture brand is formulated of the diverse designer, Julia Bruchwitz. With her own very unique creative background, the German born Julia has resulted in an interesting new high end label. The array of luxury womens wear collection, created by her, boasts distinctive contrasting elements of tradition vs. contemporary. Exotic Kaftans and flowing feminine dresses of Asian and Arabic vibes, her creations are incredibly reflective of her worldly experience and travels. Initiated in 2010 and based in Dubai, the brands target market is set at any women seeking an aspect of unique upper class within her wardrobe. As a whole, JZ Couture's style offers consumers an element of wearable sophistication with special patterns flattering all figures, with their latest collection.

The dresses incorporate an extensive and luxurious palette of both color and texture. Rich tones of fuchsias, intense turquoises and crisp whites provide a versatile palette that has something to offer for every occasion. The use of fabrics such as chiffons, velvets and silks not only add to this sense of opulent glamour, but also flatter and drape in an incredibly feminine way. This seemingly assists the brand's ideals, of inspiring a sentiment of confidence and stylishness within the wearer, incredibly well. Embellished by intricate features of traditional Pakistani design inspired embroidery and intersections of lace, the fine detailing that adorns these gowns exudes the brands running theme of the utmost grace and poise.

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