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Designer / Jj Valaya

Luxury Indian Bridal Clothes Designer JJ Valaya
JJ Valaya

JJ Valaya, the fashion-prodigy from the bustling Indian state of Rajasthan, is counted among one of the best in his field in India.  Starting out with an inclination to commerce, he started his career by auditing banks in India. Valaya eventually gave in to his more creative side and let his love for art and quite specifically photography, come to the forefront, which led him to showcase a collection like no other, one inspired by photography!

Some of his renowned collections like ALIKA , TASVEER and AZRAK were highly acclaimed by critics and fashion-followers over the world and led to his appointment to the Board of Governors of the Fashion Design Council of India. At the same time, he also shares the peak of the pyramid of the bridal attires market in India.

His rare style of assortment, and brilliance in experimentation makes his brand a name to swear by. JJ Valaya’s creations comprise the acme of the rapidly expanding cloud of Indian fashion. Much like his designs, his numerous accolades are laudable. Crediting several firsts to his name, he continues to hold his position as a trendsetter in the industry. He also was the first designer to hold four solo shows in the same season. 

Valaya's talent was spotted and applauded right from his days as a fashion designing student, which made him the first Indian student to win the prestigious Prix d'Incitaion in Paris, and he eventually went on to be the first designer to hold a solo show in India. He also happens to be the first Indian designer to work alongside the eminent International Designer Todd Oldham.     

He launched his couture label- JJ Valaya, In 1992  and managed to establish this label in upmarket stores, not only in India but also widened its expanse abroad.  The list of firsts encompasses one of  the greatest achievements of his life, aptly named 'LIFE',  which went on to become India's largest single designer store. Following in quick pursuit was Studio Valaya, that launched in 1998, both in New Delhi and Mumbai.

Much to no one’s surprise, JJ Valaya has indeed come a long way. Ever since the beginning of his designing career in 1992, that started off with Indian wedding wear, he has bagged titles such as 'Czar' and 'Maharajah' of bridal trousseau, which the industry, media, critics and fans continue to bestow on him.

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