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Designer / Jaya Rathore

Jaya Rathore - Jaya Rathore
Jaya Rathore

Jaya Rathore's knowledge of Indian forms and traditional Indian textile craft has fueled her explorations of heritage embroideries and weaves. These age-old techniques are brought to life on contemporary silhouettes.

With its origins in India and Persia, the 'twisted teardrop' or 'mango' or 'kidney bean' motif, globally known as the paisley, is a classic textile and fashion motif, and an icon in its own right.

For Jaya Rathore's Autumn/Winter 2012-13 line of womens wear, she aimed to explore beautiful shapes through different thread embroidery forms. Bold paisley patterns were dramatically placed on garments; the fabric formed the canvas for this skilful artistry. Simple lines, thoughtful detailing and rich colours mixed harmoniously to create a subtly decadent story.

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