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Designer / Jaya Misra

Indian Fashion Designer Jaya Misra
Jaya Misra

Designer Jaya Misra graduated from NIFT with accolades and started her company Lustrouz in 2005. The brand's style seeks to interpret traditional Indian crafts and design aesthetics in a contemporary form.

The key phrase that runs through her creations is "ethnic-innovative", with pecial emphasis on quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship, utisiling the skills of the finest local craftspeople. Misra often uses floral motifs to symbolise the elegance and inherent femininity of the modern urban Indian woman. Her brand is for someone who is delicately beautiful, but who also possesses strength and inner resilience.

Jaya Misra has showcased her work at numerous prestigious high fashion events across the country and her designs have also been noticed and appreciated at Dubai Fashion Week, Hong Kong Fashion Week, Jordan Fashion Week, the Singapore Corporate Show and luxury fashion extravaganzas in London, New York, Boston and Philadelphia.

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