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Designer / Jakaal Samir Singh

Indian Designer Samir Singh
Jakaal by Samir Singh

Samir Singh always believed that a stylish woman is always known for her elegance and spotted by her shoes. The most fascinating adornment of a woma's ensemble undoubtedly are her high-heels. This observation was the beginning of Samir Singh's passion for creating the prettiest statement pieces in sole-wear. The label was conceived in order to create bespoke sole-wear for discerning women across the country.

The label offers spectacular designs in sole-wear in a wide range of colours. Only the finest material is used in structuring and adorning each shoe. Each design is treated like a piece of art. The result of this process is that each shoe has to enhance delicate and finesse.

The glitter and bling on each shoe are handpicked from the house of Swarovski; the leather is the most exquisite and sourced from all over the world. The styles are designed by Samir Singh and are part of a limited edition collector's series. Samir feels that every woman has the right to own a piece of paradise and in this case - a pair of the most exquisite sole-wear.

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