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Designer / Isharya

Indian Designers Gauri and Radhika Tandon

Ever since launching ISHARYA in 2004 as nothing more than a passion project, sisters-in-law Gauri and Radhika Tandon have successfully managed to take their label named after their children – Ishaan Armaan and Arya – across the globe retailing from over 60 countries.

They started the company as a passion project when they realised a vacuum in the high quality Indian inspired jewellery segment. The designers began by designing a collection of high-end jewellery including embellished wood and resin, chandelier earrings, cuffs and cocktail rings.

Their ideas quickly gained large recognition and appraisal from the media and the fashion fraternity. In 2007, to facilitate such demands they decided to commit themselves full time to ISHARYA turning their passion project into an international brand for Indian style jewellery based. The designers, based out of both Silicon Valley and Mumbai, aim to find the perfect blend of Bollywood jewellery with an interesting California chic twist.


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