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Designer / Faiza Samee

Indian Designer Faiza Samee
Faiza Samee

“Faiza Samee” is an award winning designer label, recognised for unequalled embroidery work across the globe. The label was started 3 decades ago when Faiza Samee tried to curate heirlooms only to discover that much of the stitches, methods and raw materials had been lost. This led her to establish a label that would result in her becoming one of the most important experts in hand embroidery across the world.
The label’s intricate embroidery methods have won multiple awards. In addition to this, she was chosen to create the late Benazir Bhutto’s wedding outfit, as well as showcasing a number of pieces at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.
The main aim of the label is to slowly but surely reintroduce dying handcrafting and embroidery techniques, whilst trying to maintain traditional embroidery skills. Faiza Samee as a label undertakes extensive research in an attempt to develop new knowledge about the different aesthetics and silhouettes of the body to create relevant contemporary pieces that use traditional embroidery skills as a foundation but incorporate contemporary skills to add a further twist to clothes that will grow to become truly timeless pieces.

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